Benevolent Fund

When a member of the Glossop team tragically died during an incident, the P.D.M.R.O. found itself unable to assist the family financially due to the restrictions of charity law. So the P.D.M.R.O. established a Benevolent Fund which has the specific purpose of providing financial assistance to past and present members of civilian Mountain Rescue teams and their immediate financially dependant family members who find themselves in needy circumstances due to death, injury or disability of the member occurring directly as a result of undertaking Mountain Rescue activities.

The fund is a separate registered charity, to comply with charity law, and is administered by a committee of trustees consisting of the 3 P.D.M.R.O. Officers and a nominated person from each of the 7 teams and SARDA (Peak District).

Donations to the fund are always welcome and should be sent to the P.D.M.R.O. Treasurer, contact