Peak District Mountain Rescue


The Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation is the umbrella body for Mountain Rescue in the Peak District.

The Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation (P.D.M.R.O.) was formed in 1964 following the death during the bad winter of 1963 of two climbers in an avalanche in Wilderness Gully, Chew Valley, and a multiple fatal accident during the 1964 Four Inns Walk. Prior to then there were few mountain rescue teams in the Peak District. These were uncoordinated and inadequately equipped.

The two tragedies in 1964 demonstrated the need for coordination of the few teams that did exist and the need to establish others. The P.D.M.R.O. was established to co-ordinate the activities of all the Mountain Rescue Teams in the Peak District and thus assist the Police with all mountain rescue incidents.

The prime objectives of the P.D.M.R.O. are to save life and alleviate distress, primarily in Upland and Mountain areas. In addition the organisation:

  • Supports member teams in their mountain rescue activities.
  • Coordinates all rescue incidents.
  • Encourages & develops good practice in Mountain Rescue.
  • Assists in the recovery of animals from locations where mountain rescue skills are needed.
  • Represents the member teams’ interests to other bodies.
  • Encourages the transfer of skills and knowledge to young people and other community groups.

Mountain rescue teams provide an essential service not only to walkers and climbers but also to the local community. Their prime role is to provide a Search & Rescue service in upland or mountainous areas. However, the Teams are increasingly calling upon to undertake searches for missing people in lowland areas